Taurus/Gemini Cusp – Cusp of Energy

GeminiTaurus If you were born between about May 17 to May 23, you’re one of the most youthful people in the zodiac, the cusp of energy!

Natives on the Taurus-Gemini cusp are well known for having both the body and the brain, making them both sexy and sassy.

Those born under this sign and highly adaptable and driven. It can be difficult for them to sit still. These natives need to find balance between work and home life.

Taurus-Geminis tend to be sensual, enjoying the good things in life. They are fascinated with collecting data and facts. Their facility as communicators is unmatched and it can be seen as they have many friends from all walks of life who they keep entertained with lively conversation. They have learned to focus and utilise their intellect to great effect! These natives have a love of money and physical pleasure. Although they can appear scattered to an outsider

The great strengths of the Taurus/Gemini-born are their stability, perseverance, and their intellectual and conversational skills. They can analyze difficult ideas and communicate them clearly to others. Their methodical determination enables them to be productive when others have long since given up.